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Poul Larsen
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"Add permanent core skills"

Recruitment for Permanent Positions

Generalist? Specialist? International? The permanent employment of a major profile with the right skills, meeting the demands of your business. It takes 21 days.

Nexus' extensive network and international collaboration ensures that we will quickly find your next manager or specialist. We proceed on the basis of your needs and perform a comprehensive screening of the market, so you get the best possible candidate. 

Our search strategy reaches every corner of the business community. We identify possible candidates on the basis of the required skills and experience. We look at companies where that profile may be employed, in both your industry and parallel industries.

The range will be reduced to a handful of profiles that we enter into dialogue with, of which three will be presented to you.

Internal Candidates in the Field?

Advertisement of the post will be undertaken, if necessary due to the nature of the position or external demands for the posting of the position.

If you have internal profiles to be considered for the post, they will undergo our process with tests and full evaluation, ensuring that the right person gets the job.

Contact a Nexus partner at +45 7022 6555 or and learn how you get the right profile for your position. In 21 days a contract will be on your desk and your mind will be at ease.

Read more about Total Match ® for a permanent position in 21 days.


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