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Gap Management

Sudden resignation? Illness? High work pressure? A management vacuum may arise without notice, but you can ensure continuity without upsetting business: In 10 days a qualified candidate is already at work.

Today's organizations are trimmed and without superfluous resources, and the perfect replacement is thus rarely ready in the wings, when a key employee leaves his or her chair without notice.

If the post is to be filled again, it may be several months until the right candidate can start working. An Interim Manager can help, so business can go on as usual.

8.000 Profiles Guarantee a Total Match ®

Our 8.000 experienced managers and specialists possess the relevant experience and caliber. An Interim Manager from Nexus ensures continuity with the right skills, without you having to pull out resources from the organization.

Contact a Nexus partner at +45 7022 6555 or and learn how you get the candidate that fixes your urgent challenge. And in 10 days, the gap is filled.


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