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Lone Øksnebjerg
Sales- & Marketing Coordinator,

"You are at the top of your field"

Four Basic Reguirements for a Nexus Interim Manager

Core Skills

You have weighty experience and a sharp profile in your area of expertise.

Results Orientation

You are passionate about quality results and you are as focused as a Kenyan marathon runner.

Readiness for Change

You will play an important part on the client’s premises from day 1, at only a few days' notice.

Social Skills

You need to make a project succeed and that is never something accomplished on your own.

And All the Other Requirements

Other keywords: Communication skills, assertiveness, cool overview under time pressure, the ability to quickly understand complex problems and reported results.

Interim Managers are the employees that the business community covets, but who want to tackle many different tasks and who thrive in the front line when changes occur in the industry, associations and public institutions. And who prefer to switch, once the task is accomplished. 



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