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Kenneth Lee
Executive Account Manager, København

"Precise description of skills and person"

Advice for your CV to Nexus

Apply here to become an Interim Manager with Nexus. Your CV is an important part of the application. These are the items that must be included, for an efficient procedure for both you and us

If we find you eligible as an Interim Manager, you will be registered in our database and undergo a first screening.

You will be offered tasks, when they match your profile. In the case of a match with your profile, we will contact you with a description of the task. Everyone in our database, eligible for the task, will be offered the task simultaneously. If you are interested, please contact us.

Start by describing yourself as a professional product – in one line.

Core Skills
Focus on the skills that make you stand out from the crowd. All the other stuff, you can do, will be evident from your career path and your results.

Results count
If you are a great communicator, motivator and financial genius, then show us how, but please don't write about it in a subjective manner.

We search for candidates for a specific task by keywords. So be sure to highlight the keywords that describe your core skills and the results that you have created. It may be in relation to computer programs (SAP, Navision, etc.), main field of expertise (e.g. Supply Chain Management) or companies you have worked for.

Chronological Career Path
Arrange your CV chronologically and focus on the concrete tasks you have resolved and the results you have created. A skills-based CV does not work well in relation to interim assignments.
Make an easily accessible overview of places of employment, periods, positions and concrete tasks undertaken in the position.

Last 10 Years
Your recent merits are the most relevant. Experience more than 10 years old will add weight, but it will not get you hired. Devote the space to the newest and most relevant information.

Contact Information
As a minimum, cell phone, email and address.

Are You Looking for a Specific Task?
If you are applying for an advertised position, be sure to describe how you meet the requirements of the task specification.

A maximum of 16,000 characters, incl. spaces. You may use headlines, but avoid colours, varying fonts and sizes, frames and boxes that make it hard to work your CV into a client presentation. We only have a few days to get you introduced to the client, so the easier you make it for us, the greater the chance that you go all the way.

One Document in Word Format
We MUST have your CV in an editable Word format (.doc or .docx).
PDF, images or other locked formats are no good.
Gather it all in a single document, so we do not have to mess around with multiple files. Most do it, a few forget.

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