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Interim Project Manager for relocation of production

An Interim Project Manager took over the relocation of the production unit from Denmark to Poland. The project was handled in a calm manner, adjusted and all goals were reached

A company was to transfer its production of two flagship products from Denmark to Poland. It was important to transfer production in an efficient manner, while maintaining a high level of service to customers.

The project included the training of staff in Poland, gradual transfer of production equipment, start-up of production in Poland as well as the settlement of the Danish production while keeping the business running at all times.

The project had been initiated, but did not run as planned, and the company turned to Nexus. The existing project manager had thrown in the towel, delaying the project. Nexus provided the candidate within 10 days and the project got back on track.

Skills and experience provided reassurance and ensured progress.

Nexus provided an Interim Project Manager who had previously helped move and start up a production in Poland. He knew the typical pitfalls and was able to anticipate and prevent problems, before they occurred.

He held both project management experience and a strong technical background in production.
This provided a solid foundation for the project, because the organization sensed that the project manager was on familiar ground. The project lasted a year and was completed on time.

Quotes from the company:

The COO of the company: "All the objectives have been met and the project has been a success. The production was moved, we maintained our level of service and people in the organization were happy."

The people who worked with the candidate later said, among other things:
"Reeks of authority and overview, people quickly gain confidence in him."
"Forceful and persistent, a skilled project manager. Not the kind you meet every day."
"Won by virtue of his knowledge and skills. He lived up to all expectations."
"Left us with the necessary information and knowledge about the project and everything he had been involved in."

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