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Interim Manager for turnaround in American subsidiary

An Interim Transformation Manager from Nexus carried out a turnaround, rendering the American subsidiary the best grossing unit within the group

Local management was not performing as expected at the newly established factory in the United States, which needed to be optimized to reach the level of efficiency of the Danish sister factory.

The company employed 45 people at the US factory and wanted to achieve a more efficient production with a focus on the right KPIs.

The company produced locally to be close to the customers and thus utilized the same type of production equipment in Denmark, the United States and China. This enabled the exchange of knowledge across geographical locations and exploited available capacity by country companies producing for each other.

The goal of a turnaround was to ensure better use of production facilities and the transfer of technology from Denmark.

Profile: International, production and change management

Production at the US factory began in the summer of 2010. Nexus was approached in the fall of 2011 and found an interim manager for the US factory.

The candidate was a skilled production manager with experience from a corresponding production and substantial knowledge of the entire supply chain.

He also brought relevant experience with change management and a solid international background, making him familiar with working with different cultures.
Nexus delivered the profile within 10 days.

Significant turnaround

The result was a comprehensive turnaround of the US factory in only a year, and through production optimization, the factory in some periods became the best grossing unit within the group.

The Interim Manager ensured that the changes were embedded in the company, and at the end of the project he handed the reins to the new local management, now running things efficiently with positive results.

The CEO of the company relates:

"To briefly summarize the value of the interim manager, that Nexus provided, would be "Turnaround implemented!” Nexus provided a suitable profile with exactly the right skills and the "tools" in his toolbox to accomplish the task. The interim candidate was presented to us within 10 days as promised."

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