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Interim Manager for the integration of an acquired company

An interim transformation manager from Nexus integrated the acquired company – ahead of schedule

Recently a minor Danish distributor merged with a major international group owned by a private equity fund. The group contacted Nexus for assistance with the integration of the acquisition.

The previous owners of the acquired company would continue in the merged company. One central task was to be a visible manager for these people in the turbulent situation. The task was also to relocate parts of the inventory and to liquidate the remainder.

In addition the manager was to ensure that the clients of the acquired company viewed the integration as an advantage. It was imperative to maintain the level of service throughout the integration, so customers were not affected by the fact that the company had been sold.

Substantial management profile assumed the position within 10 days

Nexus received the brief before Christmas in 2014 and the Interim Manager was ready to start work right after New Year’s.

A substantial management profile with experience from international trade, distribution and supply chain management filled the post. He held strong leadership qualities and a willingness to work "hands on".

In addition he had experience with acquisitions and the integration of acquired companies. These qualifications enabled him to approach the task with energy and perspective.

Integration, motivation and completion on time

The manager secured an efficient dismantling of parts of the acquired company and was still able to maintain the motivation of the previous owners, who were to continue in the organization. He also sold off the remaining inventory to be closed down and managed everything ahead of schedule.

With an Interim Manager in place, the integration and settlement were quicker, without unnecessary strain on internal resources and without the company losing money or tying up capital for an extended period of time.

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