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Peter Dragsbæk Raun
Partner, Aarhus

"The right people create the right development"

Vision, Mission and Values


Nexus develops and sets the agenda for Interim Management.


With interim and recruitment services we bring companies into a position to act, so they may, regardless of strategic and operational challenges, reach ever more ambitious goals.

Nexus Values

We Solve Problems

We do not provide people, we solve problems.
We never adapt an Interim Manager to the task, we find the right skills and resources.

We and Our Clients Want Results

In collaboration with the client we define what needs to be done and what must be achieved.
We follow up on the objectives.
We facilitate results.

Our Interim Managers Are Not Our Employees

They are our partners and we take just as good care of them as of our clients.

We Adhere to the Highest Ethical Standards

Confidentiality and accountability are our foundation.
Our managers and specialists are our partners.

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Nexus Interim Management A/S
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