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“Quality is a cornerstone of our clients’ success”

How we assure the quality of our processes and Interim Managers

Nexus Interim has developed a “Quality Charter” that defines how we assure the quality of our work processes and, ultimately, of our Interim Managers.

The Nexus Interim Quality Charter ensures that we always deliver the right Interim Manager for each project, whether it is an international or national assignment.

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The key elements of the Nexus Interim Quality Charter

  1. Nexus Interim are experts in our field – Executive Interim Management and Interim Project and Transformation Management.

  2. We have a Code of Ethics that we follow in our daily operations. We work honestly and transparently with our clients and Interim Managers.

  3. We always work in strict confidence with both the client and the individual Interim Manager.

  4. We are familiar with and follow all laws and regulations that apply to our area of business.

  5. We follow proven, efficient and safe processes in our work. The processes are quality assured right from the client’s briefing to the completion of the project.

Key elements include:

● Preparation of brief and the client’s approval thereof.
● Screening, personal interviews, selection and presentation of candidates.
● Quality assurance of the selected Interim Manager.
● Fair contracts for all parties.
● Onboarding the Interim Manager at the client.
● Monitoring and follow up throughout the duration of the assignment.


You are very welcome to contact a consultant at Nexus for a detailed review of our Quality Charter and to learn how we find the right Interim Manager for each project.

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