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WIL Group: Global Interim Management

Nexus Interim Management joined WIL Group in 2015 and is now able to deliver highly qualified Interim Managers anywhere in the world. For your subsidiaries or other foreign operations, addressing local challenges with local expertise is usually the most efficient solution.


Through WIL Group, Nexus provides international managers and specialists in all regions of the world.

Contact us when facing a transformation, a defined project or when you need to fill a temporary management vacuum abroad. Our service is swift and efficient: WIL Group operates with the quality, speed and ethics as Nexus has always done.

With Nexus joining, Denmark is now country no. 33 in WIL Group, enabling us to help Danish businesses deal efficiently with international challenges.

Case: Sales Office in the Balkans in a Rough Patch


About WIL Group

WIL Group is an international group of experienced, operational partners with a new perspective on business. WIL Group is at the forefront of change management, global business and successful partnerships.

WIL Group cooperates seamlessly across borders. No other organisation can match this network, which is what prompted Nexus to join as representative of Denmark.

The core of WIL Group is a global collaboration, where we and our clients choose candidates from the world's largest body of highly qualified candidates within Interim Management.

Combined, the members of WIL Group possess an almost infinite knowledge of local trades and industries. On a daily basis, we deal with local employment rules and the slight cultural differences from each country to the next. This allows us to be very precise, fast and consistent, each time we solve an Interim Management issue.

Read more about WIL Group here.


WIL Group

We Solve Your International Challenge

Describe your international challenge to a partner at Nexus at +45 7022 6555 or nexus@nexus-interim.dkAnd we will tell you how we are going to locate the core skills to solve your task.



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